KeyBlaze Typing Tutor 2.14

KeyBlaze Typing Tutor 2.14: Typing tutor software including lessons, games, timed tests and more. typing tests of varying durations to test your progress along the way. KeyBlaze Typing Tutor Features * Typing lessons for home keys, neighbor keys, capitalization and more * Practice exercises for problem words, typing drills, prose and poems * Initial skills test used to determine your current level * Test typing skills, speed and accuracy * Typing games offer a fun way to practice typing * Keyboard highlighting shows correct finger placement *

GS Typing Tutor 2.99: learn to touch typing, test your typing skills, play typing game.
GS Typing Tutor 2.99

A powerful educational software which will help you to learn touch typing or develop your typing speed through an amusing, easy, and effective way. Now, it supports 24 keyboard layouts (including US, UK, Dvorak and so on) and 5 typing games.

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Funny Typing 1.6.53: A tiny utility to make PC keyboard and mouse play funny sound effect.
Funny Typing 1.6.53

Funny Typing is a cute small program that certainly makes typing a more fun activity. It helps you hear a distinctive sound each time you pressed your keyboard and mouse. Built-in 12 sound schemes for choose—Typewriter sounds, Fighting sounds as Hollywood films, Gun sounds as war games, Abe, Mix, each scheme assigned to all key events.When you press the keys, you will hear a fancy sound which is made by the Funny Typing.

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Typing Genius

typing speed by 200% at once! * Type any word with no more than 5 keystrokes! * Greatly improve your typing speed ! Typing Genius is an amazing text editor that can help you type much faster with higher accuracy. When you type the beginning of a word or phrase, it will pop up a list box that contains words and phrases for auto-completion. All the words are sorted by their frequencies of use. the appropriate word by simply pressing one key. Typing

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XT Typing Tutor 1.0.2: Typing tutor from guitar technique that theaches you to use thumbs - TRUE SPEED!
XT Typing Tutor 1.0.2

typing tutor teaches you a technique inspired by the classical guitar playing method. It is new and different from what other typing tutorials show. Things that make this program unique: - it teaches you how to use all your fingers (including your THUMBS!) without looking at the keyboard - it shows you exactly how to place (prepare) your fingers before typing parts of words - it allows you to edit your own lessons - it allows you to edit the way

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KeyBlaze Free Typing Tutor 2.14: Free typing tutor software for Windows. Includes lessons, timed tests and more.
KeyBlaze Free Typing Tutor 2.14

typing tutor software is designed to assist with learning to touch type and speed up your typing. Perfect for people of all skill levels from beginners to professionals, KeyBlaze starts with basic lessons on the home keys and neighboring keys, and works though capitalization, punctuation and numbers. Including practice lessons and typing tests of varying durations to test your progress along the way. Free Typing Tutor Features * Typing lessons for

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Typing Stats Runs in the background, monitoring your typing statistics in real time.
Typing Stats

TypingStats is a state-of-the-art typing monitoring tool. Its main purpose is to run in the background, calculating your typing speed and providing useful statistics, such as your WPM (Words Per Minute) or CPM (Characters Per Minute). The way it works is different from other software. It tracks your typing during your normal computer usage. You can use your computer normally, and you do not need to type in within TypingStats itself, or in any specific

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